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The benefits of sustainable business practices can be seen all along the supply chain. From how products are made and packaged, to building techniques, the impact is substantial. Resourcing local and efficient materials, LEED architecture and design, proactive construction practices, people management, manufacturer relations, and coordinated project planning all have a role to play. Together, they reduce waste and carbon footprint, save time, and improve the bottom line.

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LEAN Construction

Reducing costs, materials, time, and effort is good for everyone, especially our partners. Our industry-leading expertise in BIM, procurement and pre-fabrication deliver efficiencies and savings across the project spectrum. They are an important part of our commitment to sustainability.

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Waste Reduction

McMillan Electric’s waste reduction strategy is based on a simple idea — the less waste you create, the less waste you need to handle and dispose of. Pre-construction planning ensures proper material usage while our industry-leading pre-fabrication division drastically improves efficiencies and reduces waste volume. A clean job site, improved safety and fewer deliveries mean more time for building rather than cleaning up. This approach ensures client satisfaction, while quietly doing the right thing.



McMillan Electric completed the first very LEED Platinum Certified project in California. As an acknowledged industry leader in sustainability and green building practices, our partners rely on our experience to gain this coveted certification. For both new construction and retrofits, our collaborative approach ensures creative design, insightful engineering, and practical, energy-use solutions.



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