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Critical emergencies can happen at any time.

It was a quiet Thursday at 150 Spear Street, an 18-story office high-rise tower located in downtown San Francisco, until an errant throw from a bean bag hit and activated a sprinkler head. Water leaked into the main electrical bus, flooding riser closets and live switch gear.

McMillan Electric received the call and immediately deployed a crew. Upon early assessment of the situation, we recommended a building evacuation and decommissioning of the electrical riser. Shortly after, when everyone was at a safe distance, an explosion occurred knocking out power to the entire building, increasing the severity of this challenge.

The situation required a two-part solution.

First, power had to be restored safely and quickly so we installed a temporary electrical riser through an air shaft, including new power distribution on every floor. Forethought into a temporary power solution was key not only in getting the building energized and occupied again but in how we would efficiently return permanent power once the installation of the new bus riser and distribution boards was complete. Within 24 hours, the entire building was up and running on temporary power and by Monday morning, employees were back to work as if nothing had happened.

Second, we had to address the compromised riser. It was deemed no longer safe and required full replacement. As a trusted and respected contractor with an impeccable reputation, McMillan Electric was given full authority to move forward with our plans. To address a permanent repair solution, our deep relationships with equipment manufacturers and distributors ensured fast, cost-effective options to rebuild the system. Collaborating with professional local inspectors, the property owner, and their insurance carrier, the building’s electrical backbone was completely rebuilt in four weeks.

Project Highlights

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  • Leadership
  • Safety
  • Collaborative Approach
  • Emergency Protocols
  • Riser Replacement
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Client support with insurance company
  • Customer Support
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“McMillan Electric’s quick response, professional expertise and deep industry connections help avert potential disaster at 150 Spear Street.”

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