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Project Ready


Legendary Preparation

Every project has its own unique sets of requirements.

From the pre-assessment phase of our IBEW certified electricians stepping on site to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, our expertise and support is there for our clients at every stage. Innovative thinking, clear communication, and advanced technical capabilities are the foundation of our success.

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Our design expertise, value engineering and operational execution ensure creative solutions that uncover opportunities within your design and budget.

We consider all aspects of a project including specification development, off-site production, assembly standardization, and materials procurement. Collaborating with you means we deliver results to your bottom line, meet deadlines, and exceed expectations.


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Value Engineering

Every project has options.

Our experienced team will consult with you, examining all relevant factors. McMillan Electric’s long-term relationships with vendors and manufacturers can often help with pricing and improve lead times. This positive impact on your overall budget can provide more design possibilities, ensuring your vision is realized within your timeframe.

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Understanding how all the pieces fit together is vital to the success of every project. McMillan Electric uses 3D digital modelling to expose and resolve challenges ahead of time, avoiding costly delays to both schedule and budget.

Identifying limitations, obstacles and opportunities through building information modeling inspires design solutions and lays the foundation for seamless, operational planning and execution in the field.

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Effective critical path management drives success.

We are proud that McMillan Electric is known throughout the industry for assisting General Contractors with collaborative workplans. Honest assessments of all trades, prioritized planning and lead time forecasting all have a huge impact on a project’s timeline and execution.

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Off-Site Production

Projects and job sites are busy places, sometimes with hundreds of people working and navigating within a limited space. McMillan Electric leads the industry in prefabrication and logistical techniques that address these constraints.

If appropriate, Off-Site Production ensures controlled assembly conditions for a safe and focused work environment. By reducing the number of people on the job site, it frees up space for other trades, mitigates safety risks, cuts waste, and reduces deliveries, helping to expedite the overall project.

When provided early entry, McMillan Electric deploys our mobilized On-Site Production (OSP) program which reduces movement throughout the job site by creating a confined and controlled area for productive workers in a limited space.

Together, these solutions provide flexible delivery with rigid quality control and assurance, improving overall safety and efficiency on your job site.



If your skill set is matched by a passion for achievement, you belong with us.

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