Low Voltage Divisions






A changing world requires new standards of performance and reliability.

MNetworks, our leading-edge, all-encompassing low-voltage division, sets the industry standard in riser management, data center infrastructure, structured cabling, and cyber security.

Best-in-class IT security, monitoring, and network and system design, delivers peace of mind for your business, building assets and tenants.

Riser Management

Riser Management is the first layer of security for your building’s infrastructure.

We support commercial building owners and management with maintenance, security access tracking, riser audits, and tele communication closets. A comprehensive program reduces fire risk, helps avoid unexpected outages, thwarts cyber-attacks, eliminates unreliable tenant data, and improves system responsiveness. A code-compliant and effectively managed riser closet delivers endless value to your building and tenants.

Cyber Security

Technology is constantly evolving.

The team at MNetworks has developed an industry-leading Unified Threat Management platform that employs a Security Fabric covering the entire network end-to-end for both wired and wireless. Building controls and the underlying network infrastructure are highly vulnerable to a wide range of physical and cyber risks. Secure your valuable information and protect your assets from cyber-attacks and ransomware with our best-in-class protection.

Audio Visual Systems

If you can imagine it, we can create it.

AV systems and associated media are critical tools, both at work and at home. As technology becomes increasingly more integrated, performance and ease of use have never been more important.

Our Audio-Visual Integration Team delivers on your vision. They create amazing, intuitive experiences that are easy to use. Our expertise includes cost-saving corporate tele/presence systems, large-scale multiple screen presentations and even multi-source monitoring with individual control capabilities, the kind used on stock exchange trading floors.

Low Voltage Cabling

Today’s business information superhighway demands efficient, reliable connections.

Our expertise includes fiber optics, distributed antenna systems (DAS), network infrastructure, high-speed access points, low voltage cable and multimedia/multiplex systems.

We create and install state-of-the-art systems that deliver performance, security, and peace of mind. Our experienced low voltage electrician team can assist with design, customize to your needs, and offer the highest quality control standards in the industry.



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